West greenland

running & sailboat exploration

10 - 17 of June 2020

Sailboat: Aurora

Guide: Inga Fanney

Mountains, fjords and icebergs

15-30km runs each day with 300-1500m elevation.

This is first and foremost a running trip. This is not a “sailing trip”. We will of course cruise under sail whenever conditions allow but the Expedition sailboat Aurora primarily serves as our movable backcountry hut, and meets us at the ending point of our run each day. This is the best option to access interesting and exciting destinations and enjoy great activities on land and at sea. At the end of the day she will await us with meals, warm and comfortable bunks, and friendly conversation.


This trip is for runners who like an adventure. West Greenland offers technical terrain for most parts. We will have green but of course we will aim for some mountains on our way. There will be some trails where we go, but not everywhere so be prepared to run on grass, moss, rocks and crossing rivers.

We will run from anchorage along fjords, up mountains and around lakes. The final itinerary gets decided after setting sail from Ilulisat and will depend on ice, weather, polar bears and how we feel.

No detailed itinerary will be released for this adventure but we will explore the Disco Bay and Disco Island based on conditions.


West Greenlandic terrain varies a lot, we will have soft trails but also rough terrain at some parts. In general this trip is softer on the foot than East Greenland but we recommend this trip for experienced runners. We will spend 4-6 hours on land every day exploring, but that includes time with stops, lunch, photos and enjoying the scenery.



It will be summer at this time in West Greenland but we can still get all kinds of weather, due to the warm gulf current between Iceland and Greenland. The weather pattern is an unpredictable mixture of marine low-pressure systems mixed with the more stable high-pressure inland climate (generated by the immense, cold Greenland icecap). The temperatures range from 0 to 15 degrees Celsius. In other words, you should prepare for sunshine as well as showers.



Greenland is the homeland of polar bears. We will take measures to stay away from these beautiful animals, and view them from a safe distance, if spotted. It is advisable not to go for a walk alone or without letting the guide know. The waters are teeming with various species of seals and whales. On land we may meet the Arctic fox, reindeers and musk oxen as well as various species of birds.

Price: 3.250 euros per person

Included: 8 days (7 nights) on a yacht, guided trail runs and land excursions, sailing instruction, services of guides and crew, paddling in sea kayaks amongst the fjords for those who want, use of stand up paddle boards (SUP), use of wet weather sailing clothing, all meals for the duration of the trip. 

Not included: alcohol, international flights

Inga Fanney can assist with getting to and from Ilulisat if requested. Please contact ingafann@gmail.com